skill: strategic analysis and planning

Strategic Business Analysis & Product Planning

  • Strategy and technology consulting for improving business effectiveness.
  • Development of business cases. Scope and define complex business needs and propose the most appropriate solution across multiple options, achieving it through evaluating trade-offs between business value drivers and costs.
  • Development of product strategy and plans.
  • Development of business architecture.
  • Business process re-engineering/improvement.
  • Software functional design.
  • Business and requirement analysis.
  • Outsourcing provider evaluation (development of RFI/RFP or responding to RFI/RFP) and solution implementation.

We are driven and committed to delivering optimal, cost-effective business and technology outcomes.

skill: software design and development

Software Design & Development

  • Web and back-end application design and development.
  • Software development and consulting in the Typesafe Reactive Platform (Scala, Akka, Playframework).
  • Design and implementation of high-transaction, fault-tolerant business systems.
  • Project delivery oversight, from concept to deployment.
  • Automated testing strategy design, review and implementation.
  • Application review and remediation.

We love creating and building innovative solutions that make the world a better place.

skill: process and tooling

Process & Tooling

  • Agile coaching and process improvement recommendations.
  • Testing methodologies, including Test Driven Development.
  • Establishing development best-practices.
  • Build pipeline optimisation.
  • Continuous integration.
  • Version control: Git migration and training.
  • Evaluation and implementation of third party services.

We are passionate about implementing process improvements that optimise software delivery for factors such as agility, cost, schedule, and risk.