Hi, welcome to Loft in Space. We are a husband and wife team, living in Australia with our miniature dachshund. We are passionate about building innovative and socially responsible software. We are creative, flexible and dedicated in our approach to work and we love crafting quality and affordable solutions. We particularly enjoy working with ethical businesses, startups and Not For Profit organisations.

Chen Mawson
Product Manager, Project Manager
& Business Analyst

Chen is originally from Shanghai and has lived in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. She has a Master's degree in Engineering from the University of New South Wales and a Diploma in Financial Markets. She has implemented quality solutions since the late 90s in various industries such as investment and retail banking, e-commerce and education. Her work ranges from product management, project management, analysis, development, testing, and team management.

Early in her career, she taught herself Java and worked as a Software Engineer developing e-payment solutions for banks and credit card issuers. She later moved into business analysis, taking on the challenges of building business cases, re-engineering business processes, developing technical solution strategies and designing digital products.

Her interest lies in strategic analysis, developing business and product plans, product functional design, as well as evaluating business and product benefits/performance/costs in order to deliver changes in the most efficient way. She has extensive experience in evaluating outsourcing providers and implementing outsourcing and integration solutions. Chen believes in the importance of establishing business cases that qualitatively and quantitatively rationalise investment prior to project initiation. She has a proven track record in driving initiatives from concept, design and development through to implementation and commercial success.

Chen's strengths are in conceptualising complex problems, identifying opportunities and mapping out the most effective solution that is aligned with business strategies, bringing together her strong technical skills and business insight.

Chen owns and manages All Roads Traveled, an online magazine that publishes inspiring articles and illustrations with a focus on culture, nature and wildlife from all around the world.

Jeremy Mawson
Agile Software Engineer, Tech Lead & Iteration Manager
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Jeremy started programming in the mid 1980s and has been fascinated with building software ever since. He has been creating and delivering software since the mid 1990s in various industries developing high throughput web-based and back-end systems.

His technical interests include functional programming, high-performance, fault-tolerant processing and software development best practises (e.g. TDD, property based testing and static typing). He specialises in the Scala programming language and has an extensive capability in many other languages and platforms (including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Clojure, Python, Groovy, Haskell). He is practised in the application of Agile Methodologies, particularly XP.

He is driven to continuous improvement in software development practices and keenly interested in the pursuit of quality through automated testing techniques and functional programming. He enjoys learning from and sharing his knowledge with development teams on these topics and more.

Jeremy's strengths are in crafting software that meets business objectives in a pragmatic and efficient manner and improving software development through the introduction and implementation of lightweight tooling and processes.

We have experience working with businesses of varying sizes from large global organisations to small businesses and startups. We like to collaborate with and help smart people on projects that make a positive difference to communities and the environment.

To perform every action artfully is yoga

~ Swami Kripalu

In our spare time we are avid yoga practitioners. Our practice of yoga is training for growth, transformation, sustained concentration, discovery and expanding our vision of what is possible by stretching our capabilities to manage challenges mindfully with each step we take.